production 2013


by Astrid Lindgren

→ deutsche Version Ronja Räubertochter

Puppet-theatre with seven, big dolls

After two successful Astrid Lindgren productions of theater tabor -"Pippi Longstocking", and "Michel in the soup bowl" - the team is now venturing on a new form: „Puppet-theatre“ . Not as you might think with handpuppet characters, but with seven big dolls, alternately attached to the bodies of three actresses and one actor. These were handmade by the traditional puppet- manufacturers „XYDART“ in Lviv (Ukraine).

Ronja was born in the night as Mattis-castle broke into two halves by a violent thunderstorm. A sign? The daughter of Mattis grew up in untamed nature where she witnessed exciting adventures that made her strong and brave. On one of her trips through the forests she met Birk, the son of Mattis´ arch-enemy Borka. And the peace seemed lost forever. Ronja and Birk decided to go away together and enjoyed a great summer of freedom in a bear cave.

tabor theater is a group of the Upper Austrian- Russian directorAnatoly Gluchov. 2-3 plays are staged on average per year, including several world premieres in Austria. Recognition tabor gets not only at the growing core audience, but also in international circles. For example, the theater won in October 2001 at the International Theatre Festival Magnitogorsk (Russia) the coveted award for the"Best Performance of a Russian Classic Play". Another highlight is the successful participation in October 2002-2012 at the International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion" in Lviv (Ukraine).
In Octobber 2014 the theater will be invited again with „The Process“ by Franz Kafka.The theatre participate and participated also at: LinzFest (2006), The Children 's Books Days at the city library in Linz, Seefestspiele Waldhausen, Theater Festival Lutzmannsburg, Cul-Tour Town Square Vienna, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, International TheatreFestival Heidelberg (2011) with Kafkas-“ The transformation“.

Anatoly Gluchov (director)

Born 1952 in Russia, worked as a director 25 years continuously in various Russian State Theaters. Prices for „Best Director“: 1983, 1985 , 1991, 1993.
Since 2000 Anatoly Gluchov lives in Austria, founder of the tabor theater together with Katharina Pilar and Paul Hofmann. In addition to his work at this theater and different seminar activities, Anatoly Gluchov worked at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg.

Sabine Cap (Mattis, Bird)
Born in Linz, theater work since 1994. Participation in various productions:My wife the liar (M. Meio), Cat Leopold, Made in Upper Austria,“Irma“ in The glass slipper (F.Molnar)," Madame Chanel“ in 8 Women (Robert Thomas), Richard's Korkbein (B. Behan), The Viennese dance of Death (L. Ingrisch)," B "Three Tall Women (E. Albee). Since 2007 member of the ensemble at tabor theater.

Velizar Lytvynets (Birk, Borka, Per)
Born in Ukraine, in Austria since 2004, 4 years acting training at the Acting Academy Linz, 4 years dance school Hippmann in Wels, engagements at : Theater Maestro Linz, various projects of Acting Academy Linz, Daniel Gollme, Sandra Meinschad.

Katharina Pilar (Lovis, Bird, Per)
Born in Salzburg, acting training at Schauspielhaus Salzburg (diploma 1997), Stadttheater Heidelberg, various Cultural Summers, theaterachse Salzburg, own
productions: "Night owls" (song recital); "Else" (an adaptation of A. Schnitzler monologue Fräulein Else),a founding member of tabor theater; important roles there: "A"in Three Tall Women (E. Albee), "Kathrin and Yvette" in Mother Courage (B.Brecht), "Rita" in The Cylinder (E. de Filippo). Acting workshops for kids, guided-tours at the AEC Linz.

Beate Schnabel (Ronja)
Born in Amstetten. Social carer BB, 3-year acting training in Linz. Completion: June 2012. Gigs for street art festivals with her own dance theater stories, vocals, various short films and movies, scenic work with young people.

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